Ferrari Purosangue: Interview with Ferrari’s Enrico Galliera


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Interview with Ferrari chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera on the Ferrari Purosangue.

The Ferrari Purosangue is one of the company’s most important – and controversial – launches of recent memory. Automotive Daily Network partner Autocar caught up with chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera, who detailed where the car sits in Ferrari’s line-up, plus its buyers.

How important is this car for Ferrari?

“A few years ago, we decided to develop a complete product range from Ferrari.

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“It started with having the most performance in the market, and that was the SF90 Stradale. At the same time, we wanted to fulfil another position.

“The 296 isn’t the best-performing, but it is the most fun to drive. Then the Roma and Portofino were created for potential customers intimidated by our other cars.

“The Purosangue covers the last remaining segment of our product offering. You can now have a Ferrari with a family. This answers all our clients’ needs.”

Who will buy a Purosangue?

“As soon as we announced the V12 powertrain, interest exploded.

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“So now we have a long list of requests coming from non-existing customers as well as current customers. But we’re not expecting early cars to be delivered to non-existing customers.

“When we learned there was a huge appetite for this car, we decided to give priority to our existing clients to reward them for their loyalty. They made Ferrari what it is today.”

What does the average Ferrari owner’s car collection look like?

“Every time I’m invited to see a Ferrari owner’s garage – they’re typically Ferrari collectors – [I see] they also have an SUV or a bigger car to use with family or when they need more space.

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“They all say to me: ‘But this is your fault, because you don’t have a Ferrari that I can use with my family every day, to go away for the weekend, to go skiing.’ Now we do.

“We have research on the average size of a Ferrari owner’s fleet, but I can’t tell you [about that]. I can tell you, though, that the average size has tripled compared to 10 years ago.”

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