Ferrari roars back into production

Ferrari is back.

After a seven-week suspension of production due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the longest pause in production in the company’s 73-year history, Ferrari has restarted its factory in Maranello. The iconic Italian marque joins many manufacturers from around the automotive world in restarting production, in hopeful signs that the industry is again beginning to function as normal.

In response to the pandemic, Ferrari set up an extensive programme titled Back on Track to train staff and to ensure the health of staff, suppliers and customers. Part of the no-expense-spared programme included voluntary testing of staff.

The first car to be produced on the Special Series production line was a Monza SP2. The black and gray Monza SP2 was only a few hours away from completion when government regulations forced the cessation of work and the closure of the factory. Now complete, the stunning and stunningly rare Monza SP2 is ready for delivery to its owner in the United States.

A lucky Australian customer is also in line to receive one of the first cars off the restarted V12 production line. The 812 GTS Spider finished in an elegant shade of gray (Grigio GTS) will shortly be on its way to Australia.

Meanwhile, a German customer will be the first to receive a V8-powered Ferrari after the restart – a F8 Tributo finished in traditional Rosso Corso.

With the restart at Maranello, we’re also very excited as it means that we’re only a few weeks away from drives of the SF90 Stradale and F8 Spider.

Jesse Taylor

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