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Ford Focus ST Edition 2021

Hot hatch gains improved suspension, lightweight wheels and bespoke colour package.

Ford has revealed an uprated version of its Focus ST hot hatch, which the firm says is the most agile model to date courtesy of its enhanced driving dynamics with additions such as adjustable suspension.

The Focus ST Edition tops the model line-up with several performance-focused changes, and arrives alongside the limited-run Fiesta ST Edition, which received similar upgrades.

“The new Focus ST Edition takes the hot hatchback to a new level of handling precision and control,” said Stefan Muenzinger, Ford Performance manager. “Not only does it offer increased poise and responsiveness for the enthusiast, but also gives the ability to tailor the feel and handling balance of the car to the customer,” he said.

Ford Performance-tuned adjustable coilover suspension is fitted as standard, and the model features a ride height lowered by 10mm at the front and rear, with a further adjustment of 20mm available. The Focus ST’s dampers now have 12 rebound settings for greater control in the corners.

Customers will also receive a technical document advising on the optimal suspension settings for specific surfaces and different driving conditions.

The model is equipped with lightweight, 19in alloy wheels as standard, which Ford says reduces unsprung mass by 10 per cent on each corner of the car improving grip on rougher roads. Spring rates are also increased by more than 50 per cent compared to the standard model.

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The model retains its eLSD system with hydraulically activated clutches for better power distribution, as well as its 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, which produces 206kW and gives a 0-100kph time of 5.7secs.

The exterior of the Focus ST Edition gains black gloss grille detailing, front bumper wings, door mirror caps, rear spoiler and diffuser panel, with a black roof panel and black edging for ST badges.

Inside, the model’s sports seats, floor mats and leather steering wheel are trimmed with Ford’s traditional performance blue stitching, and the engine start button gains red lettering.

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Ford Australia is yet to confirm if the ST Edition will be offered locally but the up-specced ST-3 will be arriving soon. That vehicle brings upgraded equipment but not performance enhancements such as adjustable suspension.

Jack Warrick

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