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Anyone in the Covid-hit UK getting a vaccine is given free temporary car insurance.

The drive to increase vaccination uptake has been given a shot in the arm by a car insurer offering three hours of temporary cover for drivers who email in a picture of their vaccine card.

It is being rolled out in the UK, which was hit hard by Covid and lockdowns, and might be an incentive that makes its way to other markets as part of incentives.

With public transport limited or non-existent in many rural areas, and urban dwellers potentially unwilling to mingle with crowds on trains and buses, those who have access to a friend or family member’s car but are not insured to drive it can take advantage of an offer from Veygo, a short-term insurance arm of Admiral.

Motorists need to pay for three hours’ cover at first, but can then acquire a full refund for the insurance by emailing a picture of their vaccine card.

Car insurance companies have seen claim rates drop by as much as 48 per cent as people have been driving less, and therefore having fewer collisions, due to lockdown and other restrictions.

Veygo’s offer goes some way to addressing that criticism. The firm’s chief executive, Gunnar Peters, said: “We’re hoping this offer will help ease any concerns for people who may find it difficult to make it to their appointment, or for those who would rather avoid using public transport to get there.”

He added: “We want to make sure the vaccination programme continues to move at pace, and that people can get their jab as easily as possible and protect themselves from Covid-19.”

Hugo Griffiths

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