GAC unveils hydrogen-engine New Space Concept


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The concept features a futuristic exterior design, a lounge-like interior and Level 4 autonomous driving.

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) has revealed a new luxurious MPV concept featuring a bespoke hydrogen powertrain.

Unveiled at the GAC Tech Day event, where the Chinese company previews newly developed technologies, the concept has been named Space.

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GAC didn’t give details of the Space’s powertrain, but it also unveiled a 1.5-litre hydrogen-fueled engine at the event, claiming that it consumes 0.84kg of hydrogen per 100km.

The Space concept features a futuristic exterior design, with sequential headlights, illuminated grille bars and a roof inspired by traditional Chinese architecture.

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GAC claims the steering wheel and facial-recognition systems can retract, thanks to Level 4 autonomous-driving capabilities, meaning the car can take control of most driving situations without any driver input.

GAC says vehicle interiors and luxury experiences are becoming more important for customers around the world, and therefore the concept maximises interior space with a lounge-like interior.

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It features a landscape image of mountains and rivers, with Guangzhou’s landmarks, the Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River, also part of the design.

An L-shaped sofa is partnered with dome lights. In the front, a three-tier display system includes facial recognition, fabric materials and a digital display.

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The Space concept also features several different modes for different driving scenarios. One mode, named Bonfire Circle, drops the driving pedals and raotes the front seats to face the rear passengers and a centre table. Ambient lighting is said to resemble “winding streams”. Another mode, named Tea Time Lounge, raises the tailgate and extends it into a “comfortable seating area”.

​​“The Space represents a leap forward in GAC’s innovation and exploration. Its design gathers technological progress, user needs and the development of the times, creating a perfect symbiosis between man and nature. That is our ultimate goal,” said GAC head of design Fan Zhang.

The Space is unlikely to go into production, but GAC said the interior of the model will influence its upcoming production cars.

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