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Mahmoud Samara will lead US company’s European ventures in the areas of mobility, autonomy and electric vehicles.

General Motors (GM) has appointed a leading company executive to front its ventures into the European market, leveraging its global strategy in the areas of mobility, autonomy and electric vehicles.

Mahmoud Samara, currently the vice-president of sales, service and marketing for Cadillac North America, will become the president and managing director of GM Europe from 1 December.

GM hasn’t had a significant presence in Europe since Opel-Vauxhall was sold to the PSA Group in February 2017.

“Mahmoud comes to this role with a really impressive track record in delivering a world-class customer experience, as well as growing sales in the North America Cadillac business,” said GM senior vice-president Steve Kiefer.

“His mission is to transform our current operations into a non-traditional mobility start-up in the region, identifying entrepreneurial opportunities to commercialise our global growth strategy investments in Europe. We will make very deliberate decisions about where and how we compete in Europe.”

Samara has held a position at GM since 2004 and has headed the sale of some 200,000 Cadillac vehicles in North America.

“We will transform our current operations in Europe into an agile mobility start-up which will focus on leveraging GM’s global investment in the areas of EVs, autonomous vehicles, mobility, software-enabled services and many more,” Samara said. “Our business will span the major markets of Europe.”

“We have big aspirations in Europe, as it’s the second-largest and fastest-growing EV market. I’m confident that the investments we are making today in GM’s global growth strategy will enable us to compete and win in Europe.”

GM will look to invest $35 billion (AUD$48bn) globally into electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025, with plans to contribute to Europe-specific environmental objectives.

“We will be a non-traditional player and will be very deliverabte about where and how we compete, playing to our strengths, offering unique mobility products to and services to customers in Europe,” Samara said.

Jack Warrick

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