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genesis g80 spy images 1Hyundai’s luxury division begins testing its first EVs, with a bespoke battery-powered model seen alongside an EV version of the G80 saloon

Genesis, Hyundai’s standalone luxury division, is preparing to take the fledgling brand into the new age with a pair of fully electric models.

Seen testing within hours of each other between Hyundai’s European technical centre and the Nürburgring, the two models will sit at opposing ends of the firm’s range.

The first, codenamed Genesis JW, is a bespoke crossover-style EV expected to be targeted at Europe when the brand eventually launches in the region. Set to use the same e-GMP platform as the newly named Hyundai Ioniq 5, the JW will adapt design cues from the original 45 concept shown last year.

The Teslay Model Y rival’s finished look isn’t clear to see behind heavy camouflage. However, we can see it’s a coupe-crossover model. We also know that Hyundai is targeting a range of up to 500 kilometres with the car’s EV architecture. Expect a noticeably more upmarket feel to the cabin compared to the eventual production Ioniq 5, and a launch following that car’s 2021 debut.

The second model to be papped, this time outside the fearsome German circuit, is a battery-powered version of the G80 luxury saloon. Adapted from an already on-sale model, tell-tale cues that this is an EV include a closed-off grille and no visible exhaust. Expect the same range target for this model, which should launch in 2021.

Genesis boss and ex-Lamborghini designer Manfred Fitzgerald told Automotive Daily’s exclusive partner Autocar in 2018 that “We’re definitely building right-hand-drive cars for 2020.”

It’s unlikely that Genesis will stick to its 2020 launch objective, given the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but the appointment in April of former Aston Martin and Maserati executive Enrique Lorenzana as its head of sales in Europe suggests the launch will go ahead in the near future.

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