Honda: Seven EVs by 2030 with new ‘0 Series’ family


Honda’s ‘0 Series’ of EVs will include a flagship sedan and SUVs of all sizes

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Honda has announced plans to introduce seven new electric vehicles by 2030 under its global ‘0 Series’ sub-brand.

The first three models are slated for release in 2026, comprising an entry-level SUV, a mid-size SUV, and a flagship inspired by the Honda Saloon concept unveiled earlier this year (pictured above).

That flagship will debut first in the US, followed by launches in Japan, Asia, and Europe – and while Honda Australia has yet to detail its plans, these new ‘0 Series’ models are expected to finally see the Japanese brand join the local EV arena.

A graph of new electric Honda models due on sale by 2030

And if you thought the futuristic concept would go through some big changes before coming to production, that’s apparently not so – although some key features will be tweaked for simplicity and production advantages.

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda R&D chief Toshinobu Minami suggested the concept is 95 per cent indicative of the final production model. The gull-wing doors and interior are unlikely to carry over as is, but the sleek, five-metre-long body is expected to remain largely the same.

In 2027, Honda will release the largest SUV in the 0 Series, with a seven-seat layout to compete with models like the popular and award-winning Kia EV9. This large SUV will likely adopt design cues from the flagship saloon, including its extended length.

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The Honda Saloon 0 Series concept

Completing the seven-vehicle line-up, Honda will introduce a compact SUV in 2028, a slightly smaller SUV in 2029, and a compact saloon in 2030.

Those three small models are likely to be the first remotely ‘affordable’ models in the line-up, making Honda a significant latecomer to the party. Kia, for example, will unveil its budget-focused EV3 compact SUV this year, ahead of an early 2025 market launch.

At CES 2024, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe also hinted at an all-electric sports car for the new sub-brand, although it will not be part of the initial seven vehicles planned by 2030.

Catch up: What is Honda’s 0 Series?

As Honda’s EV-focused range, the 0 Series cars will feature a new iteration of the brand’s familiar H logo, as seen on the Saloon concept.

Honda says the ‘0 Series’ name signifies the development of the range from the ground up, following the principles of “Thin, Light, and Wise.”

“Thin” refers to a new bespoke EV platform not shared with any combustion model, along with an ultra-thin battery pack and a compact e-Axle drive unit, enabling unique styling with low heights and short overhangs.

Honda aims to reduce the weight of 0 Series models by about 100kg compared to previous EVs – such as the HR-V based e:NY1 above – enhancing performance and achieving a range of over 300 miles per charge.

The 0 Series will also feature Level 3 autonomous driving technology and artificial intelligence, with continuous updates delivered through over-the-air updates.

None of this is groundbreaking in concept, but the 0 Series marks an important if overdue step for Honda into the future.

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