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Hyundai says that its new electric car platform is perfect for creating new performance products in the essence of N.

While unveiling the new electric car platform during a digital press conference today, Hyundai confirmed that it is very likely we will see N-branded EVs follow once mainstream segments are taken care of.

Hyundai’s E-GMP architecture will deliver a further shot of excitement in the eyes of performance car fans, as the brand confirmed that it offers the potential for high-performance EVs with “up to 600bhp (447kW)”.

The news of possible rivals to hot EVs from Tesla and BMW was confirmed by Hyundai Group R&D boss Albert Bierman, speaking at the announcement of the E-GMP platform.

“This is a very substantial high-performance platform,” said Biermann.

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“There will be interesting high-performance applications, that’s why we decided on rear-wheel drive.”

Asked specifically whether there would be a Hyundai N model, Biermann said, “It’s not fully confirmed, but very much likely.”

While specifics are scarce, the modular nature of E-GMP would give Hyundai the option of producing a range of high performance models across several segments. While a high performance SUV is likely, lower, more purposeful models can’t be ruled out either.

Biermann also confirmed that Hyundai would make its new E-GMP platform available to competitors. “If one of our competitors wants to have our platform, we’re open to discussing collaboration.”

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