Intriguing electric Honda concept coming to CES 2024


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We’re about to be given a glimpse of Honda’s future by an upcoming concept model.

At next year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Honda will display a new concept EV – teased here for the first time. The concept previews Honda’s new “EV series”, which it says is destined for “global markets”.

Not much information has been divulged over the new Honda concept car, besides the fact that it has an EV powertrain. Honda also announced that “key technologies” will be showcased at its CES booth to highlight the firm’s “direction of electrification”.

All we can see from the shadowy close up teaser image is a low, blanked-off grille and a simple, cab-forward design which has the bonnet, windscreen and roofline flowing in one surface. There’s also an intricate wheel design on view.

The concept certainly doesn’t appear to follow on from Honda’s previous electric sports car teasers from 2022 – which were showcased as part of the firm’s announcement of a £30 billion investment into its EV plans leading up to 2030. Back then we saw two models under sheets (possibly suggesting an electric S2000 and NSX were in the works), although those cars looked far more traditional in their body shape than this concept.

We’ve seen that sports cars are a key part of Honda’s electrification plans. A presentation slide from 2022 also suggested that a low-slung supercar will sit at the top of its EV range, whether or not this will be previewed in spirit by this upcoming concept will become clearer on 9 January in Las Vegas.


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