Jaguar designers on how pandemic has changed the future

Jaguar has filmed and released five videos that let their designers discuss how this year’s events have changed their future and vision.

Media Alert: Jaguar

Jaguar designers have taken time to reflect on their experiences of the global pandemic in a series of films which look ahead with a positive mindset. During this hugely challenging time, everyone has had to make changes to their everyday lives and individually felt the impact of COVID-19 in many different ways.  This uncertainty and upheaval has forced people to pause, taking stock of what matters and evaluating what adds meaning and purpose to their lives.

Although hugely disruptive and difficult, times of crisis can often accelerate innovation and nurture the emergence of greater creativity.  In these videos, five Jaguar designers consider how they could help contribute to a more positive vision for the future and share their pledges for creating lasting change.

The important role of design and positive creativity

  • Julian Thomson, Design Director

An opportunity to accelerate positive change

  • Lizete Druka, Senior Design Strategist

Change that has brought people closer together

  • Paven Patel, Exterior design Manager

  Global pandemic has reprioritised what is important

  • For Louise Thorburn, Colour & Materials Designer

An opportunity to challenge conventions and shape the future

  • For Andrea Rosati, Brand Design Manager

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