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Jeep adds conventional hybrid power to Compass and Renegade line-ups, Australia yet to announce plans.

Jeep has added new hybrid options to the Renegade and Compass line-up, both badged e-Hybrid and adding conventional hybrid power to each model’s respective line-up.

Both models have, until now, been offered with plug-in hybrid power as the only electrified drivetrains available. The new e-Hybrid models remove the plug-in aspect by pairing a smaller battery charged by braking regeneration, with a less powerful electric motor system and turbocharged petrol power.

While the new Compass is on sale in Australia, neither the plug-in hybrid or this new e-hybrid are yet available. Jeep Australia told Automotive Daily that it will reveal plans later this year, however.

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Both make use of a 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine developing 95kW and 240Nm. It sends drive to the front wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid side of things is taken care of by a small battery and a 15kW electric motor also driving the front wheels, and running on a 48-volt electrical system.

Jeep hasn’t issued any fuel economy figures, but claims that the system delivers up to 15 per cent lower fuel consumption and emissions than previous pure-petrol versions of both cars. Depending on spec, the Renegade e-Hybrid emits 130-139g/km CO2, with the larger Compass between 133-140g/km across its four trim levels.

And the new hybrid system offers more than just electrically assisted driving – it also features total engine-off driving, using the electric motor with seamless engine shut-down and start up for fuel free coasting.

When there is enough charge in the battery, both vehicles will start up silently and move off on the battery and electric motor system. The battery and electric motor system are used by default for low speed stop-start driving and manoeuvres, too.

Jeep plans to offer the e-hybrid system in two versions of the Renegade and the Compass in right-hand drive overseas and will announce plans for Australia later this year.

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