Lamborghini to reveal new model and restart production next week

Virtual unveiling will take place as Sant’Agata returns to producing cars following a two-month shutdown.

Lamborghini has set out plans to recommence production next week in time for a new model unveiling on Thursday 7 May.

The firm says it’s “currently completing all preparatory measures to ensure its people return to work in conditions of maximum safety”, following newly issued guidance from the Italian government that will allow factories to begin to reopen.

The Sant’Agata factory has been producing masks and other items of PPE during the coronavirus pandemic, having suspended normal operations on 13 March, but will now start to transition back to car production.

Lamborghini remains tight-lipped about next week’s unveiling, but it’s likely to be a variant of an existing model, rather than an all-new car, given the company’s previous assertion that it won’t introduce a fourth model line until 2025.

CEO Stefano Domenicali said: “We continue to nurture the dreams of our fans and customers, and on 7 May, through a virtual launch, we will present a new car in order to complete our model range.”

Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse motorsport division is working on a track-only version of the Aventador, but that car isn’t scheduled to make its debut until the summer.

Strict safety procedures will be in place at Sant’Agata as Lamborghini restarts operations, led by a “comprehensive educational campaign” directed at workers.

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Domenicali said that although the firm “is ready to restart with great energy”, it will prioritise staff safety and continue to monitor the progress of Italy’s recovery from the pandemic.

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