LDV eT60 is Australia’s first electric ute


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The LDV eT60 electric ute will launch in Australia this year, although it’s not your typical work ute.

The LDV eT60 will soon be available to purchase in Australia, making it our first fully electric ute available to drive away from showrooms. A register of interest is now open, and the first batch of eT60 4×2 double-cab utes is expected to land in November 2022.

While the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV are all on sale in the USA, the eT60 currently has no electric rivals in dual-cab ute markets such as Australia.

The model has already launched in New Zealand this year, starting at a price around the equivalent of $70,000. No price has been confirmed yet for Australia.

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Not many details have been given yet, but the LDV eT60, called the Maxus T90 EV in the UK, gets a reversing camera, a 10.25-inch touchscreen and auto wipers but misses out on things such as LED headlights, climate control, adaptive cruise control and sat nav.

It’s not known whether you get a companion app to facilitate remote charge starting or cabin preheating; there is an ‘intelligence on board’ subscription in the UK, but its website is short of detail. We do know that optional extras for the UK include a stainless steel sports bar, load bay covers, a front bumper winch pack and all-terrain tyres.

The eT60 EV platform is based on a combustion-engine model, so this isn’t a bespoke electric truck like the Rivian R1T. In place of the original running gear you get an 88.5kWh battery located under the chassis, which is enough for a range of 330km on the WLTP test. This will be shortened when driving with a load in the tray, or when towing.

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Compare that to the Rivian R1T which has a 505km range on the American EPA test cycle when fitted with a 135kWh battery. Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 Lightning can cover over 370km in standard-range form, equipped with a 98kWh battery.

The T60 EV can at least charge at 80kW. At that speed, you’ll get from 20-80 per cent in 45 minutes. However, this time will degrade when successively fast-charging and heating up the battery, according to LDV in its press release, due to the “battery safeguarding technology“. 

Charging with a three-phase 11kW wall box will charge the battery from 5 to 100 per cent capacity in nine hours, depending on conditions such as the ambient temperature.

The eT60’s battery feeds a single 150kW electric motor on the rear axle, making it rear-wheel drive only. The maximum payload capacity is 1000kg. When it was originally revealed, the payload was claimed to be 740kg – which would be much less than its (combustion-engine) rivals. LDV says its pickup can tow a braked trailer weighing up to 1500kg.

The eT60 EV comes in a double cab bodystyle, with fairly ordinary pickup truck styling. The truck measures 5365mm x 1900mm x 1809mm, which is about the same size as the Ford Ranger, but its cargo bed is smaller with a load length of less than 1.5 metres.

Interested buyers can register their interest, and the first batch of vehicles is expected in November this year.

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