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A new teaser video gives further glimpses of Chinese-built EV’s interior and exterior design features.

Lotus will reveal its first ever SUV later this month and has given a further glimpse of some of its features, with the latest of a series of videos building up to the model’s launch.

The Aston Martin DBX rival, codenamed the Lotus Type 132, will be officially unveiled on Monday 28 March. Lotus previewed some of the model’s key details in the video, which was named ‘energy and light,’ with the themes of ‘heart, power, energy and soul.’

Presented features include the Type 132’s steering wheel with illuminated buttons, a digital drivers display, an alloy wheel design, the headlights and a glimpse of the model’s under-the-skin mechanics.

The video also featured several cinematic shots of athletes preparing to race, before the Type 132 was shown to quickly accelerate past the camera into the distance, rear lightbar on display.

98 lotus type 132 teasers headlights

The UK car maker expects the Type 132 to act as a key element of its bold growth strategy under the ownership of Chinese car giant Geely.

Lotus previously revealed  ‘Breathe’, a video which gave a glimpse of the model’s active grille shutter. The shutter features a design with a series of hexagons split into triangular segments.

Lotus claims the active grille shutter is an “authentic Lotus air management system” that serves a dual purpose, both cooling the car and improving its front aerodynamics.

97 lotus type 132 teasers alloy wheels

As first reported by us, the Type 132 has been in development since 2016 and is set to launch with two four-wheel-drive variants, offering between 450kW and 560kW . It will be able to accommodate batteries ranging from 92-120kWh in capacity and will offer 800V charging.

Lotus has also put a focus on ensuring the machine can offer performance, claiming it will have a 0-100km/h time of less than 3.0sec.

The Type 132 will be built at a new $1.6 billion manufacturing facility in Wuhan, China, and will be one of two Chinese-built EVs the company will launch in the next five years.

The long-awaited Type 135 electric sports car, being developed in partnership with Alpine, will be built in Hethel from 2026 onwards.

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