Maserati GranTurismo Folgore EV revealed


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The next Maserati GranTurismo will get a triple-motor EV drivetrain and launch in Australia next year.

Maserati has revealed the first image of its electric GranTurismo Folgore, an all-electric take on the classic GT. It will join the standard combustion-powered coupe and convertibles, fitted with the new Nettuno V6 engine, and comes as part of Maserati’s EV offensive that will also include electric versions of its Grecale SUV and MC20 supercars.

The new GranTurismo is on track to launch in Australia next year, Maserati has previously told us. The model has also been spotted in the US.

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Maserati revealed its intentions to build an all-electric version of the GranTurismo back in 2020, and has slowly drip-fed new information about its powertrain and performance targets. The former is touted to be as much as 750kW, making it significantly more powerful than the IC variant, and key rivals like the Audi RS e-Tron GT and Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

It’ll produce this power through a total of three electric motors – two mounted on the rear axle and one up front. Not only will this make the new Folgore model all-wheel drive, but with two rear-mounted motors also facilitate full rear axle torque-vectoring.

Specifics about the overall power figures from the motors, or the battery capacity are still to be revealed, but the car will run on an 800V electrical system – the same capacity as is used on the Porsche Taycan. This high voltage system allows for faster charging and lighter hardware within the electric powertrain itself – a useful element to offset some of the Folgore’s overall weight.

Unlike the Porsche Taycan, the GranTurismo Folgore doesn’t run a bespoke electric-only platform, instead it shares the basic architecture with the V6-powered GranTurismo. As such, the battery pack will not be mounted exclusively under the cabin floor, as in most contemporary EVs, instead it’ll be split up and mounted in areas of the car that favour a weight distribution similar to that of the combustion derivative.

Expect the Folgore to share much of the incoming GranTurismo’s basic design, but elements like the front and rear bumpers, wheels and brightwork will all be specific. This will be based on the design language that Maserati’s designed specifically for its electric models, with a more technical and futuristic aesthetic with copper-coloured accents and more contemporary paint options.

How will an electric grand tourer like the Folgore actually drive? While it’s not the first all-electric GT, it will be the first to have only two doors. Combine this with the glamorous design and reputation of the GranTurismo and it could result in something very interesting, even if its real touring ability is hampered by a compromise in overall range. Maserati has not announced a specific reveal time, and with Maserati’s delayed development and production schedules on the new Grecale SUV, and the combustion-powered Gran Turismo, it might still be a while yet.

Jordan Katsianis

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