Mazda readies rotary range extender and two new PHEVs

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Mazda MX 30 6

New rotary range-extender technology to be rolled out by Mazda from next year.

The MX-30 has one of the shortest ranges of any mainstream BEV, but Mazda has vowed to improve usability with the addition of an optional petrol engine to serve as a range extender, as BMW used to do with the i3.

Most notably, the petrol element of the MX-30 REx’s drivetrain will bring back rotary engine technology, which hasn’t been used by any production car since Mazda’s own RX-8 sports coupe, which bowed out in 2012.

Mazda will introduce the new petrol-electric drivetrain early next year, and if it comes to Australia it will be the first plug-in hybrid offered by the brand here – that’s if it comes here before the CX-60 and depending on what specification it gets for Australia.

A more conventional petrol-engined PHEV powertrain will be offered by the all-new CX-60 crossover and CX-80 seven-seat SUV, the latter of which has been confirmed for launch in Australia. This is likely to be based on the system used in strategic partner Toyota’s RAV4 PHEV.

The CX-60 and CX-80 will be among the first Mazdas to offer the new Skyactiv-X petrol straight six (as well as a Skyactiv-D diesel).

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