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98 david brown mini remastered marshall edition

Mini Remastered Marshall Edition will celebrate 60th anniversary of famed sound specialist.

David Brown Automotive has previewed a new special edition of its Mini Remastered, in collaboration with sound specialists Marshall Amplification, ahead of a full reveal next week.

A photo of the car’s side profile was posted on the company website, revealing a black paint finish with golden stripes along the wheelbase and at the bottom of the roof, as well as golden finishes to the outer part of the rims and a Marshall logo on the door.

96 david brown mini remastered marshall edition

Other teaser images show more golden details, inspired by the colours of the guitar amps that Marshall produces. A golden mesh grille can be seen on the outside, while the play, pause and fast forward/rewind symbols have been engraved into the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals respectively.

A golden control panel in the centre console features amp-style knobs, whilst a full-size guitar amp appears to have been built into the interior. Gold stitching is prevalent throughout and the Marshall logo appears on the seats.

97 david brown mini remastered marshall edition

Each Mini Remastered Marshall Edition will feature a “comprehensively upgraded” speaker system alongside other audio equipment developed by Marshall. The car will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the British audio brand.

No technical details have been revealed, but like all of David Brown’s Minis, the car will be rebuilt using an original Mini, with only the engine, gearbox and VIN number being carried over from the donor car.

95 david brown mini remastered marshall edition

Under the bonnet, the car will use a rebuilt version of the Mini A-Series engine. Options currently range from the 53kW 1275cc engine in the standard Mini Remastered to the 93kW 1450cc engine in the track-focused Oselli edition.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but the limited-run Marshall Edition is likely to be just under the £100,000 (AUD$175,000) mark, just like the brand’s Oselli and Monte Carlo editions. For each car sold, both David Brown and Marshall will make a donation to the Music Trust Venue, a charity that is helping the UK’s independent music scene recover from the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jack Harrison

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