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New generation of Ranger ute will be shown for the first time on Wednesday 24 November.

The next-generation Ford Ranger ute will be revealed tomorrow.

The new model, which replaced the current T6 generation machine that has been on sale since 2011, will be unveiled tomorrow evening Wednesday 24 November on Ford’s YouTube channel, where the manufacturer has published a short video teaser that gives hints at the model’s design.

The model has previously been spotted with a camouflage design livery undergoing tests in extreme off-road environments ahead of its launch in 2023.

Ford says the heavily updated ute has covered around 10,000km of desert driving, 1,250,000km of customer driving and 625,000km of rugged off-road durability testing, all with a maximum load capacity.

ford ranger 2022 teaser testing

The Ranger has also undergone “thousands of hours” of computer and real-world simulations covering aerodynamics and the durability of components and structures.

“It’s important that our customers are able to rely on the Ranger to deliver years of dependable service,” said Ranger chief program engineer John Willems. “So we’ve gone to great lengths to subject the next-gen Ranger to extreme tests – stressing it much more than a typical consumer would – to help ensure it’s ready to face everything life throws at it.

2022 ford ranger testing 1

“Whether it’s tackling muddy bush tracks, coping with the rigours of extreme tropical weather, towing over Alpine passes or enduring temperatures of more than 50deg C, the Ranger has to do it all.”

Ford says it started using computer simulations because some tests were believed to be too rigorous for humans. Simulations and robotics have replaced humans for the more extreme tests, such as the ‘squeak and rattle’ rig, where the Ranger’s suspension and whole body is exposed to punishing test cycles that are repeated 24/7.

Tune in tomorrow for all of the details at Automotive Daily.

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