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Watt Electric Vehicle Company to use bespoke Paces platform for range of electric vans and trucks.

An electric vehicle start-up based in the UK has revealed its plan to produce ‘next-generation’ commercial vehicles on a new, state-of-the-art platform that minimises weight and costs.

Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WECV), headquartered in Cornwall, has outlined plans to build up to 5000 commercial EVs per year from 2023, using a new platform named the Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard (Paces).

The platform is said to be able to provide the basis for a whole new range of bespoke ‘last-mile’ vans, trucks and buses that are highly customisable, with different bodystyles.

The vehicles will comply with ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval safety standards.

Each will weigh as little as possible, courtesy of an innovative layout whereby the battery is housed within the structure of the vehicle itself.

“With ever-increasing pressure on urban emissions, coupled with the growth in home delivery, we’ve been approached by multiple commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators who are in desperate need of developing the next generation of electric vans, trucks and buses,” said WEVC founder Neil Yates.

“As electrification of the sector only accelerates, what these companies need is a ready-to-go, sophisticated yet cost-effective EV platform on which to build their vehicles. That’s Watt Electric Vehicle Company’s Paces architecture.”

An initial prototype EV, a van, will be revealed at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Prices for commercial models are yet to be detailed, but the firm plans to produce them at a new facility based in the UK from the third quarter of 2023, both as self-branded models and on behalf of third-party manufacturers.

WEVC is also planning to establish a second facility in 2023, focused on low-volume production of sports cars and passenger EVs on behalf of other brands.

WEVC is already developing a $150,000 sports car inspired by the Porsche 356, capable of up to 370km of range and a 0-100kph time of just over 5.0sec.

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