New electric Citroen e-C3 to be unveiled


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EV will offer more than 300km of range and be part of a C3 line-up that will also include combustion power.

The next-generation, all-electric Citroën C3 will be unveiled at noon on Tuesday, 17 October, the brand has confirmed.

Our partner Autocar reported in June that the new C3 will cost “below €25,000” in Europe. That converts to around $42,000. This would make the ë-C3 one of the cheapest electric cars currently available, nearing the price of Chinese competitors.

The new model will be identical in its dimensions to the outgoing combustion-engined C3 and have a strong relationship with the ‘CC21’ C3 introduced in India and Latin America last year.

A new video posted to X reveals that its styling is inspired by the Oli concept shown last year, featuring similar lighting signatures to the forward-thinking pick-up.

The ë-C3 will be “fully equipped” with niceties including air conditioning and electric windows, Citroën said in June, adding that it will be underpinned by a “BEV-native” platform. It added that the new car would have a range of more than 300km, but did not reveal further technical details.

Citroën stressed the continuing importance of the C3 to its range. Sales have topped 5.5 million since the model first appeared and the company is seeking worldwide expansion.

Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas, who is also sales and marketing chief of the whole Stellantis group, said the new C3 would be offered in a much-simplified three-level range, each of which will have a maximum of five options.

He believes this simplicity will aid buyers who are often confused and frustrated by range complexity and will also streamline the production system at Citroën’s factory in Slovakia.

With the new C3 range, Koskas also plans to offer what he called fair price transparency, an attempt to reduce discounting, although he still said the prices would “not be frozen” and there would still be room for some negotiation.

He sees maintaining prices at near-quoted levels as “a matter of discipline”.

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