New Mitsubishi Outlander previewed in rally mode

Next-gen Mitsubishi Outlander due to hit Australia draws heavy styling influence from last year’s Engleberg Tourer concept.

As shown in an official preview video (below) released by the brand ahead of its 16 February unveiling, the Toyota RAV4 rival will sport Mitsubishi’s new chrome-heavy Dynamic Shield front end with slim LED headlights and sizeable air intakes, plus a wraparound-effect front windscreen.

Behind the A-pillars, the SUV looks to have evolved more subtly over today’s car, with visible differences limited to chrome door handles, a more pronounced swage line and reshaped brake lights.

Visually linking the production car to the Engleberg Tourer concept suggests that Mitsubishi will incorporate some of the latter’s innovative powertrain technology. The show car used a 2.4-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, twin electric motors and a 20kWh battery for four-wheel-drive and an electric-only range of 70km.

With a full fuel tank and a fully charged battery, Mitsubishi said the Tourer – a suffix that hints at its potential focus on long-distance refinement – was capable of travelling 700km in a single go. Mitsubishi has confirmed the Outlander will use an upgraded four-wheel-drive system inspired by Dakar racers and rally cars.

The new Outlander will be launched in February 2021 in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, before arriving in Australia.

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