Nissan e-Power hybrid confirmed for 2022


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Nissan range to be bolstered by more efficient hybrid models in Australia from 2022.

Nissan Australia has confirmed that it will introduce ‘e-Power’ hybrid modes starting next year.

The Japanese brand’s version differs in how it works compared to competitors such as Toyota and Hyundai. E-Power uses an internal combustion engine as a generator to charge a battery, which then drives an electric motor via an inverter. So E-power models, such as the Note that’s currently sold in Japan, feel like an electric car to drive with the instant hit of torque and near-silent running, while offering fuel consumption similar to that of a full hybrid model.

“We call e-POWER a best-of-both-worlds solution, offering a driver the key benefits of an EV drive experience without ever having to plug in,” says Nissan Australia Managing Director Adam Paterson.

The new 2022 Nissan Qashqai, which we’ve already driven, is expected to be the first e-Power model in Australia. The e-Power model is likely to be available soon after launch. It’s also possible that a plug-in hybrid Qashqai will be launched, using technology from Alliance partner Mitsubishi.

Nissan unveiled its new hybrid e-POWER system at the Geneva Motor Show. Initially shown on the Nissan IMQ concept, the powertrain will be offered on a range of next-generation models from 2022 onwards.

That e-POWER setup consists of a 1.5-litre petrol engine, a battery pack and two electric motors. The petrol engine is primarily be used as a generator to charge the batteries, which supply power to the electric motor. Nissan says having this hybrid setup is better for fuel economy and emissions, as it should run on the electric motor more often. As yet, the company hasn’t revealed details on range, battery size or performance.

“Nissan prides itself on delivering Intelligent Mobility solutions in every vehicle, and nowhere is that more obvious than with this Nissan-exclusive solution,” adds Paterson.

“While a traditional hybrid adds battery power to an internal-combustion engine, e-POWER delivers an EV-like driving experience, including exhilarating acceleration and near-silent operation, all while drastically reducing your fuel use and emissions.

“We are looking forward to our customers experiencing this future-facing technology for themselves.”

Nissan Australia is yet to detail when and what model will arrive first, however it has confirmed that it will be here in 2022.

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