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The classic BMW motorsport emblem will be available on several M cars next year, as a nod to the company’s half-century racing pedigree.

BMW’s motorsport division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022, and to mark the occasion, the company has unearthed its original M sport roundel, which featured on the performance brand’s first ever racing car back in 1973.

The badge predates the tri-stripe M sport logo we know today, which was first seen in 1978 on the M1 supercar. Here, the firm’s trademark blue, violet and red swatches are wrapped around the BMW roundel in semicircles, rather than featuring on a seperate emblem.

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Buyers will be able to specify this heritage M badge as an optional replacement for the standard badges on some of BMW’s M performance cars from January 2022. BMW Australia has confirmed it will be available as an option for local customers for the BMW M3, M4, M5, X3 M, X4 M, X5 M, X6 M and M8 from March 2022 production.

As part of the celebration, the brand will also reintroduce some of its more historically significant paint codes. Dakar Yellow and Fire Orange (which featured on the E92 M3) and Macao Blue (which was available on E30 M3) will all be available, along with classic hues such as Daytona Violet, Imola Red and Bay Blue.

BMW M has also organised its timeline so that plenty of significant performance cars will make their debuts during its 50th anniversary year. In 2022, the brand will launch the new M3 Touring, a “special version of the M4 Coupe,” the successor to the M2 and its first electrified performance model.

Franciscus van Meel, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH, said: “With the classic BMW Motorsport emblem, we would like to share our joy about the anniversary of BMW M GmbH with the fans of the brand.

“We have a great year ahead of us, which will be celebrated with unique product highlights and exciting performances. The M has long been considered the strongest letter in the world, and in our company’s anniversary year it is stronger than ever.”

Luke Wilkinson

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