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The Maserati MC20 is the model we’ve been waiting for the Italian maker to produce.

The Maserati MC20 looks like the car we’ve been waiting for Maser to do for years. It’s ambitious, but if Modena wants to sell decent volumes, the super sports car market is a much better bet than the super grand tourer market.

Its 150-litre luggage capacity could be a sticking point, but very few of the other details revealed so far – oversquare twin-turbo V6 making peak power at 7500rpm, doublewishbone suspension all round and a kerbweight of less than 1500kg – will be.

And the theory that this was supposed to be the new Ferrari Dino but was switched to be the MC20 at the last minute, with the production Maserati Alfieri becoming the Ferrari Roma in exchange, just isn’t credible. Ferrari and Maserati are simply no longer integrated or managed anywhere near closely enough together to support such a move.

Maserati becomes more independent of its old ruling power in Maranello with every passing year, and this move to design and make its own engines rather than use Ferrari-built mills is further evidence of that.

Matt Saunders

New Maserati MC20 supercar 10

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