Pagani C10 prototype spied


aria-label="Pagani C10 spied 5"The next Pagani hypercar, expected to be called the C10, has been spotted undergoing testing

Pagani’s given us one more teaser of its upcoming C10 supercar, follow up the Huayra and Zonda C12 that has made the Italian hypercar maker an icon of 21st century car design. The new C10 will be officially revealed on September 12th, when we expect to see its simpler Zonda-derived styling and ethos, including the use of a V12 engine and six-speed manual transmission.

aria-label="Pagani C10 spied 6"Very little is known officially about the new model, but thanks to images of the C10 prototype, we can now see clear elements that connect it with its predecessors. This begins with its basic proportions which has a blockier aesthetic derived from the Zonda, rather than the Huayra’s more flowing design.

aria-label="Pagani C10 spied 3"This is reiterated in the C10’s rear end, which shares the central exhaust position with all Paganis, but includes a more direct translation of the Zonda’s rear graphics and diffuser layout. The prototype doesn’t feature a rear wing, instead we expect it to take a leaf out of the Huayra’s book and feature active movable aero instead.

aria-label="Pagani C10 spied 9"As has been a key design feature of both the Zonda and Huayra, the cabin looks to be visually segmented from the main body, with the glass and roof likely to visually form a single volume – giving it that jet fighter canopy-like appearance.

aria-label="Pagani C10 spied"As for the engine, Pagani has not confirmed any specifics, but its partnership with AMG will continue, despite the disappearance of the V12 engine from AMG’s range. Mercedes-Benz do still utilise the iconic twin-turbo V12 in its Maybach products, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable, locking in the supply for Pagani. It’s not known whether the V12 in question will be turbocharged, but as it’s connected to a manual transmission, it will likely channel the purer ethos of earlier Zondas either way.

aria-label="Pagani C10 spied 4"The good news is that we won’t have long to wait to see the new C10 in full, a model that will bring Pagani back into the hypercar limelight alongside Koenigsegg, Bugatti and Rimac.

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