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1 renault morphoz concept 2020 static frontNew 4x4s will take after the recently unveiled Morphoz concept as the French brand seeks to capitalise on SUV popularity.

Renault’s next two electric vehicles will be crossovers or SUVs based on the firm’s new CMF-EV platform and arrive by 2022.

The first will be a Kadjar-size SUV, but the second is also likely to be a high-riding model as Renault looks to capitalise on consumer trends.

Renault EVs boss Gilles Normand claimed it “will be crossover or SUV, rather than hatchback” but added that it must be more aerodynamic than a usual car of this type. “In the EV world, we are sensitive to drag: air efficiency around the car,” Normand said. “With these new applications, we are up to 550km of driving range.”

The new Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance CMF-EV platform, as previewed on Renault’s recent shapeshifting Morphoz concept, is scalable in width, height and length, explained Normand, although limited to compact and mid-size vehicles.

While the latest Renault Zoe offers up to 383km of range, Normand recognises that larger EVs will need more. He said the new models will have up to 550km of range.

By 2022, Renault and Renault-owned Romanian brand Dacia will together be offering eight EVs. Most will be small, such as the Zoe and Renault Twizy, but Renault’s new pair of C-segment-or-above models will offer considerably better practicality and range.

Normand said this will allow Renault EVs to improve from 30 per cent coverage of European customers’ car usage to 80 per cent.

“We identified there was room below Zoe but even more expectation above Zoe,” he said. “People are realising that EVs are safe, enjoyable and can be taken on much longer trips than [early] EVs.”

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