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Pininfarina has developed the new e-scooter with e-mobility specialist Platum.

Storied Italian design house Pininfarina, best known for its work styling a string of classic Ferrari and Alfa Romeo models, has unveiled its first electric scooter.

The new KPF Argento has been developed by the Pininfarina and ‘last-mile’ e-mobility specialist Platum. It is intended as the first in a family of Argento by Pinfinarina products designed for use in urban areas, that will grow to encompass e-scooters, e-bikes and folding e-bikes. The first e-bike is due later this year.

Pininfarina claims the KPF has been designed to offer ergonomic comfort with high-quality, durable components, with a focus on functionality and safety.

The KPF e-scooter has an 83.5cm platform and an aluminium-made chassis. It sits on 20cm tyres, with built-in LED headlights and a rider display that includes the speedometer and battery level readings. The machine has a range of 40km, and features three drive modes – Eco, Normal and Sport – which varies the top speed from 6km/h to 24km/h .

The KPF Argento by Pininfarina will go on sale in April, and will be priced in Italy from €599 (AUD$877). It is now yet known if it will be offered in Australia.

While Pininfarina is best-known for its styling work on classic cars, the firm has plenty of electric experience: it designed its first electric vehicle in 1978 and has recently worked with Chinese firm Deepway to design an electric lorry.

The Pininfarina design house is separate from Automobili Pininfarina, which is developing the Battista electric hypercar.

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