‘Plug and play’ EV conversion kit for classic Mini launched


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‘Plug and play’ package gives iconic Mini hatchback electric drive.

the British firm behind electric conversions of the Citroën DS, Land Rover Defender and Jaguar E-Type, has launched a ‘plug and play’ powertrain for the classic Mini.

The pre-assembled kit swaps the Mini’s A-Series engine for a water-cooled electric motor outputting 44kW and 136Nm through a fixed-ratio gearbox.

That’s on a par with the twin-port-injection variant of the A-Series featured in the 1997-2000 Rover Mini, which produced 46kW and 95Nm.

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However, it is a significant uplift compared with the 25kW, 60Nm powerplant in the original 1959 Mini (then called the Austin Seven).

A 20kWh battery pack gives the Electrogenic kit an 129km range around town – where the motor can nearly constantly recover energy in stop-start traffic, and at low speeds – but this figure is likely to fall significantly on faster roads. An extended-range variant, which adds a second battery inside the boot, will be offered at a later date.

A Type 2 charging port can be accessed through a replacement front grille that features a cutout for the cable.

The conversion kit requires no modification to the Mini’s structure, which makes it completely reversible – similar to the existing Electrogenic Porsche 911. It is incorporated into a replacement front subframe to make it easier to swap with the Mini’s existing petrol engine. A mechanic just bolts the new subframe in and wires the powertrain into the dashboard.

The Electrogenic package goes on sale this autumn, priced from £15,000 (AUD$28,000).

Electrogenic co-founder Steve Drummond said: “We’ve converted a number of beautiful Minis over the years to electric drive and have seen significant demand for a solution that’s both easy to fit and budget-friendly. Our new drop-in kit meets those requirements perfectly. It’s cost effective and simple to install, yet still delivers superb electric performance, thanks to our latest-generation EV powertrain tech.

“It turns the iconic classic Mini into an ideal modern city machine, one that’s perfect for zipping about town cleanly and reliably – and sure to bring a smile to the faces of drivers and pedestrians alike.”

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