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Polestar has further outlined its green credentials but becoming a partner of the UN backed Exponential Roadmap initiative.

The initiative, part of the UN’s Race to Zero campaign, encourages companies from all segments of industry to reduce their carbon footprints rapidly, and is championed by companies operating in line with the 1.5-degree climate target set out in the Paris Agreement.

This means restricting a global temperature increase to 1.5-degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels through active measures.

Polestar claims it will reduce carbon emissions in its products, production methods and across its supply chain, with the Swedish brand phasing out the hybrid-engined Polestar 1, to become a seller of only pure-electric vehicles, and pushing greener EV recharging methods.

Polestar has also said it won’t offset its future carbon emissions by planting trees. Instead, it claims it can cut the necessary emissions from its manufacturing methods, with Polestar making fundamental changes to the way it builds its cars and sources its materials.

The firm will use fewer raw materials, while pushing to make its vehicles more recyclable, as it works towards building a circular economy. The brand has already said it aims to create the world’s first climate-neutral (not just carbon-neutral) by 2030, with emissions eradicated from every aspect of the supply chain, production and usage of the vehicle.

Polestar’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, said: “We listen to the science that tells us that we are not moving fast enough to stay within the 1.5-degree climate target. The automotive sector can have a profound effect on this and we have to step up.

“Our partnership with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative will give us the opportunity to collaborate on climate strategies with companies who share our level of ambition. We also hope to use this platform to influence decision makers and climate policy.

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