Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport track car revealed


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The new Porsche GT3 R rennsport features all the technology and performance elements of the racer without any regulatory limits.

If in some universe the Porsche 911 GT3 RS isn’t track-focused or extreme enough for you, there’s now a new option from the Rennsport gang that takes things even further. The new Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport is an even more extreme non-road legal track day toy based on the GT3 R, which itself is a customer version of the GT3 racer.

The difference is, while a standard GT3 R shares much of its technical package with the race car, the new rennsport edition goes without limits set upon it by the FIA-mandated regulations. Limited to just 77 units and for a price of 951,000 Euros (AUD$1.56 million), this is arguably the ultimate Porsche for those who already have a few in the garage.

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The premise for the GT3 R rennsport was simple, Porsche wanted to extrapolate on the existing 992-generation GT3 racing car by selling it to private owners for track day events. Without class rules to abide by, it also allowed Porsche to turn the wick right up, tuning the engine to its full potential while removing all possible weight.

The engine itself is the same 4.2-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine as you’ll find in the GT3 racer, but here its power has not been restricted to the mandated 415kW maximum. Instead it has a new peak power figure of 456kW, or 110kW per litre – a huge figure for any naturally aspirated engine.

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The engine is designed to run on E25 fuel, which has a higher ethanol content and therefore lower knocking tendency, allowing Porsche’s engineers to increase the compression ratio and advance the ignition timing. Combined with bespoke engine internals, such as unique pistons and conrods, the engine now revs to an incredible 9400rpm – 400rpm more than the GT3 RS road car.

Being based on a competition car, the transmission is a six-speed sequential constant-mesh gearbox, rather than Porsche’s usual dual-clutch PDK – accessible via paddles behind the competition steering wheel. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential.

Potential owners can choose one of three exhaust packages, two with varying levels of silencers to comply with potential noise regulations at certain racetracks, and another that’s completely unsilenced.

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Just like the racer, the suspension system is fully adjustable, and finds its base on the 992 GT3 racer with a double wishbone front and a five-link rear suspension design. The dampers are sourced from KW and are five-way adjustable, and work with specifically designed Michelin Pilot Sport M S9 slick tyres that apparently have a more accessible performance curve and faster warming – a boon considering its owners will not likely be professional competition racing drivers.

On top of all this racer-derived chassis hardware is a unique design that channels Porsche’s extensive racing heritage. Only the bonnet and roof are shared with the competition car, and without the need to conform to aerodynamic regulations, the aero package has been designed to look as good as it functions.

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Inside, the cabin isn’t quite as stripped back as the pure race car, and comes with a few high-design touches. It does retain an FIA-specification roll cage, and also features two new displays feeding footage from the side-mounted cameras that take the place of traditional mirrors. Overall, Porsche is quoting a weight of 1240kg, giving it a very healthy 493bhp/tonne power-to-weight ratio.

With only 77 units set to be built, this extremely specialised model will no doubt be on the list for Porsche’s most enthusiastic collectors, especially those wanting the closest thing to their own GT3 racing car.

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