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Queensland plans to become the world’s “Hydrogen Superpower” starting with five Hyundai Nexo hydrogen vehicles.

The Queensland government has leased five Hyundai Nexo vehicles and announced that it plans to become a superpower of the hydrogen world with cars, trucks, trains and marine vehicles.

And Hyundai Australia continues to roll out its hydrogen-fuelled Nexo SUV to government fleets around the country. The latest recipient is the Queensland government, joining 20 Nexos already running around the nation’s capital in the ACT.

Queensland launched its new addition over the weekend at the GABBA stadium with both government and a Brisbane Lions official in attendance – the latter Women’s AFL team officially sponsored by Hyundai.

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At the launch was a specially designed Nexo featuring indigenous-style paintings of a hydrogen nucleus and the local Brisbane River. The models will form part of a push into furthering hydrogen fuel-cell infrastructure and uptake in Queensland, the state joining Victoria (Melbourne) and the ACT (Canberra) in offering hydrogen refuelling stations. There is also a hydro station at Hyundai’s headquarters in Sydney, NSW.

The Nexo is a suitable vehicle for the size of Queensland over the current crop of EVs due to its long-range and quick refueling while tailpipe emissions remain 100 per cent clean (it’s water). Hyundai’s claim for the Nexo is over 650km of driving WLTP-tested range from a single fill and a 5-7 minutes refilling time. Most EVs have around 400km driving range and charging can take hours.

The lack of refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen cars makes them a pipiedream for the public, however, as Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Executive Officer Jun Heo says, the South Korean manufacturer offers one of every type of powertrain in its line-up: “The zero-emissions NEXO is a cornerstone in our green vehicle line-up, and joins hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric models to underscore our leadership in eco-mobility and our commitment to developing sustainable motoring solutions.”

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen, Mick de Brenni was bullish on the prospect of Queensland becoming a “hydrogen superpower” for cars and also trains, trucks and more: “This trial aims to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen technology and support Queensland’s push to position itself as a global hydrogen superpower.

“It will demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of hydrogen for passenger vehicles and possibly lead the way for hydrogen’s roll-out to trucks, trains and marine applications.

“These head-turning fuel cell electric vehicles will be fuelled with home-grown Queensland hydrogen as they are tested in on-road conditions over the next three years.”

Alex Rae

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