Renault invests in intelligent mobility

Renault has partnered with a number of technology, software and electronics companies to set up Software République, an organisation that will pool knowledge to drive progress in the intelligent mobility sector.

Based at the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt, France, Software République will work on simplifying the charging experience for electric vehicle users, and on cybersecurity, which will be a mandatory requirement on new cars from July 2022.

One example given is Renault’s Plug and Charge project, which is aiming to develop technology that would allow charging stations to connect, recognise and begin charging electric cars with no input from drivers beyond connecting the cable.

Other fields of interest will include artificial intelligence, connectivity, embedded electronics and ‘virtual twin technology’, where the performance of a physical device or product is simulated by software.

An investment fund will be set up to fund “the most promising start-ups”, which will be given access to numerous resources provided by the new firm.

“In the new mobility value chain, on-board intelligence systems are the new driving force, where all research and investment are now concentrated,” said Groupe Renault CEO Luca de Meo. “Faced with this technological challenge, we are choosing to play collectively and openly.

“There will be no centre of gravity, the value of each will be multiplied by others. The combined expertise in cybersecurity, microelectronics, energy and data management will enable us to develop unique, cutting-edge solutions for low-carbon, shared, and responsible mobility, made in Europe.”

The four other founding members are tech service provider Atos, software company Dassault Systèmes, electronics manufacturer STMicroelectronics and electrical systems firm Thales, which specialises in aerospace, defence, transport and security.

The Boston Consulting Group estimates that the global mobility market will grow by 60% by 2035, and be worth €11,000bn (approximately AUD$17,240 Billion).

Joe Holding

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