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The development of Toyota’s planned GR Super Sport hypercar is reported to have been put on ice following a serious accident during prototype testing.

A test mule for the 735kW hybrid hypercar reportedly caught fire and suffered serious damage during a test at Japan’s Fuji Speedway last month.

Japanese media alleges the road car program has been cancelled completely, though development of Toyota’s GR010 Le Mans hypercar should be unaffected, according to motorsport publication RacerAutomotive Daily’s exclusive partner Autocar reached out to Toyota, but the company had no official comment to offer.

1toyotagrsupersport5 0The rear-wheel-drive, two-seat GR Super Sport was announced in 2018, when Le Mans regulations for the FIA World Endurance Championship required manufacturers to base racers on road-legal cars.

New rules removed the need for Toyota to produce the GR Super Sport for homologation reasons, but the firm committed to producing the car as a limited-run halo model, so the GR010’s readiness for the famous endurance event should remain unaffected.

It was planned that the GR Super Sport would be driven by a road-tuned version of the current TS050 Hybrid racer’s electrified 2.4-litre twin-turbo V6.

Toyota did not detail how the road car’s hybrid system worked or how many electric motors it featured, only previously revealing a planned output of 735kW, a figure to match the GR010 Le Mans racer on which it is based.

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Other details also remained under wraps including pricing information and production numbers, but the car was going to be sold as a hardtop coupé, potentially with an unconventional canopy-style opening roof.

Toyota had recently asked prospective owners to fill a questionnaire, enquiring about which cars they already own and plan to buy, if they owned a Toyota 2000GT or Lexus LFA, and if they regularly drive on circuits and hold a racing licence.

Jack Warrick

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