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Futuristic roadster, designed by students, draws from Suzuki’s heritage as a maker of both cars and bikes

The Suzuki Misano concept is a sporty two-seater which is claimed to combine the company’s “two souls” of manufacturing cars and motorbikes, styled by a group of 24 masters students at the Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design).

The design is inspired by Suzuki’s brand values, as well as the famous comedy film La Dolce Vita, whose depiction of “a life marked by pleasure and sophistication” is said to inform the concept.

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The all-electric Misano, which gets its name from Italy’s Misano World Circuit bike racing track, is modelled on a classic ‘barchetta’ silhouette. However, IED’s students, commissioned by Suzuki to create a concept that embodies the contrasting essences of driving and motorcycling, have given the look a futuristic twist.

The driving and passenger seats are both situated in tandem format on the left-hand side of the car, and have been designed to blend into the Misano’s bodywork through the deployment of angular but smooth lines. The right-hand side, therefore, is uniquely given away to storage space for the battery pack and a ‘sideways boot’.

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The rear end of the Misano has been styled with an emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency, while the front is characterised by distinctive arrow-shaped headlights.

Although the Misano is technically a car, not a motorcycle, the concept includes a motorcycle-inspired control yoke which is used to steer the car in place of a conventional wheel. A small windscreen is another nod to the experience of riding a motorbike at speed.

IED Turin director, Paolo Zini, said: “Misano is the result of the teamwork of our students who, from all over the world, have chosen Turin as the place to prepare for their professional future.”

“The opportunity to discuss and collaborate with companies is what characterises the two years of the training course,” Zini added.

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The Misano will be displayed to the public at Mauto, the national automotive museum of Torino between 15 and 16 June 2021.

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