Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo gets Hayabusa hybrid engine


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Wild hybrid Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo two-seater remains an imagined concept car in Gran Turismo 7 video game.

Suzuki has released a striking open-top two-seater concept, powered by an innovative hybrid powertrain, for the Gran Turismo 7 video game.

The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is a unique four-wheel-drive super sports car, Suzuki said, that fuses technology from both its bike and car divisions.

It’s powered by the same 139kW 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine found in the Hayabusa flagship sports bike.

This is Suzuki’s first motorbike-engined car since the uniquely-styled Suzuki GSX-R/4 concept of 2001, although last year’s electric Suzuki Misano concept took cues from two-wheelers.

Three electric motors boost overall power output to 318kW at 9700rpm and maximum torque is 610Nm.

Power from the engine goes to the rear wheels, while two of the three electric motors power the front wheels.

Inside, a yoke-style steering wheel is flanked by two digital mirror screens, the cockpit design focusing heavily on the driver.

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At just 970kg, the concept was developed incorporating “cutting-edge weight-reduction technology”.

“The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is a VGT that brings back the legendary GSX-R/4 with the latest tech as an all-wheel-drive super-sport overflowing with the sporting mindset of the brand,” said Suzuki.

“We hope you enjoy the world of pure sport as presented by Suzuki.”

The car is available now to players of Gran Turismo 7. Although it won’t lead to a production car, it displays themes that could make it into Suzuki models of the future.

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