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The day of the hydrogen fuel cell car is coming

Unlike battery storage, there’s no physical barrier to using hydrogen to power not just heavy vehicles but also ships, trains and even aircraft.

Toyota Hilux hydrogen prototype gets green light

“This funding represents a tremendous opportunity to develop a zero-emission solution in a critical market segment."

BMW iX5 Hydrogen starts production

The innovative SUV won’t be produced on a large scale - instead, a small number of units will roll off the production line to be used as demonstration vehicles in 2023. 

Hydrogen electric truck revealed with over 500km range

Vehicle start-up Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has revealed plans to launch a zero-emission hydrogen-electric truck.

Hydrogen makes electric vans feasible

Is Hydrogen the answer for tradie cars without tailpipe emissions? It could replace diesel van fleets across Europe and the UK following 2023 trials.

Volkswagen hydrogen fuel cell in development

Patent application shows Volkswagen has started a new hydrogen project with Germany’s Kraftwerk Tubes. The Volkswagen Group is co-operating in the development of a new...

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