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Tesla has upped the cabin refinement levels of its latest Model S and Model X in its latest software update, which activates an in-car noise reduction system.

The most recent over-the-air update, which also introduces a number of other convenience features, brings a new ‘Active Road Noise Reduction’ feature. The system activates a pair of microphones embedded in the front seats, which measure cabin noise and, as Tesla puts it, “generate anti-noise through the speakers to create quiet zones around the occupants.”

The system has received mixed reviews so far from Tesla owners online, which might reflect why Tesla has called it noise “reduction” rather than noise-cancelling. The feature is already found in a variety of competitor cars from other brands.

It appears that the noise reduction feature is also only available on the very latest, refreshed Model S and X, which were revealed earlier this year.

Further features introduced in the update (codenamed 2021.44.5) include the ability to preset driver profiles in the car’s navigation system, set the car to unlock only the driver’s door on approach, and adjust the rear climate control from the front touchscreen. Updated cars are also said to have the ability to report uneven tyre wear, while the Autopark function is now able to identify perpendicular parking spots.

Also added, although in early ‘Beta’ test status, is a feature that synchronises a driver’s preferences including seat, mirror and steering wheel positions, and allows them to be applied in another Tesla owned by the same driver profile.

Lawrence Allan

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