Tesla Model S and Model X axed in Australia; UK to continue


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Tesla might have canceled right-hand drive production of the Model S and Model X for Australian orders, but the UK gets a windfall in the form of Plaid models in LHD.

Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S and Model X due to the mechanical and logistical complexity added by the conversion.

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A representative for the American manufacturer says that offering the two models solely as left-hookers for the foreseeable future allows it to ramp up production and improve quality more effectively.

Current reservation orders in Australia have been canceled, with either a refund on the deposit or a $3000 credit towards purchasing a Model Y or Model 3.

Tesla has also canceled right-hand drive Model S and Model X models in the UK, however, Tesla has launched events running between 28 May and 30 June so that Model S and X reservation holders can test drive the left-hookers in London.

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The move to offering LHD cars in the UK means customers can finally place an order for the 780kW Plaid models, having previously been limited to the standard dual-motor cars since their 2021 reveal.

Tesla has yet to fully scale production of the updated Model S and Model X, as it has for their smaller siblings.

Last year, the firm built 1,298,434 Model 3s and Ys, compared with just 71,177 examples of the S and X.

During the first quarter of 2023, Tesla built 421,371 Model 3s and Ys, and 19,437 Model Ss and Xs.


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