Mercedes-AMG’s E63 S is faster than a Porsche 918 Spyder

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Posaidon Mercedes AMG E63 RSThree new Posaidon power upgrades are now available for Mercedes-AMG’s E63 S, bringing hypercar numbers to the four door super sedan.

It was the introduction of all-wheel drive that helped supers sedans like the new Mercedes-AMG E63 go from a muscle car to something with far greater on-road capability, with the latest generation offering supercar performance in a luxurious four door package. This is something Germany-based Posaidon tuning has now capitalised on, pushing the Merc’s AMG V8 even further to produce performance figures usually reserved for seven-figure hypercars.

Posaidon Mercedes AMG E63 RS 2To do this, Posaidon has revealed three new tuning packages for the current E63 S, starting  at the bottom of the range with the ‘RS 830’ package, boosting power from the the E63 S’s 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 to 611kW and 1100Nm through the use of upgraded turbochargers, a sports air filter and a less restrictive exhaust system with new downpipes and a new catalytic converter. The engine, transmission and central powertrain control units are also given software tweaks to ensure the new hardware works in harmony with existing components.

Posaidon Mercedes AMG E63 RS 5Though it’s the least extreme package on offer, this boosts output by a substantial 161kW and 1249Nm, dropping the 0-100km/h sprint by two tenths to 3.2sec and lifting the top speed to a claimed 350km/h – the same as the Ferrari LaFerrari…

Next up is the RS 830+ pack, adding larger ball bearing turbochargers to the mix alongside the modifications of the base-level package. Peak figures in this case are rated at 647kW and 1200Nm, increases of 197kW and 350Nm over the standard car – the 0-100km/hh sprint drops a tenth lower to 3.1sec.

Posaidon Mercedes AMG E63 RS 6But there’s still one more to go, as Posaidon’s flagship upgrade package focuses on modifying engine internals to cope with the stresses of even more power. Modified cylinder heads, valve seats and water/methanol injection are now added alongside hardware of the lesser kits, boosting output to 691kW and a 1280Nm. The result is a claimed ‘sub’ 3sec 0-100km/h time and 350km/h top speed.

It must be said that these figures have not been substantiated independently, and it’s also worth remembering elements like the standard 9G AMG Speedshift transmission is torque-rated to 900Nm in standard cars, making the 380Nm jump in the most potent package likely require more than a software update to cope in the long term, but for now we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Posaidon Mercedes AMG E63 RS 7Less invasive modifications are also available, with Posaidon’s piggyback ‘PowerBox’ module said to increase output by 70kW and 150Nm without the need for any hardware changes.

Sam Jenkins

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