Toyota commits to hydrogen car development


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Toyota remains committed to hydrogen, both in fuel cell and combustion applications.

Hydrogen will play a key role in differentiating Toyota from rival car manufacturers in the future, according to Toyota Motor Europe president and CEO, Matt Harrison.

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Underlining the firm’s commitment to the technology – in fuel cell and combustion applications – Harrison said: “We have a hydrogen division and assembly facilities, and as demand ramps up prices will come down; we see a lot of opportunities there.

“Because of that, I see the technology as a key pillar of our future – I see it as a key pillar in our future, in a way that hybrid is now.

Harrison also indicated his support for the mooted switch to hydrogen power for the World Endurance Championship when it updates its rules in 2026.

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“We are trying to utilise motorsport and I suspect there is a real possibility of hydrogen being adopted, although there are still some questions on the feasibility of it, around tank sizes, the weight issues and recharging.

“But the progress has been strong, and we need to keep working on it.”


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