Updated Tesla Model S launched with 650 kilometre range

Tesla has revealed details of a new Model S electric sedan called ‘Long Range Plus’, which the company claims is capable of 650 kilometres on a single charge.

The US firm says the updates provide a 20 per cent improvement in range over the outgoing Model S Long Range when tested against the American EPA programme.  Due to the general size of America and the vast distances between its cities, the EPA test is geared towards sustained, long-distance cruising.

Tesla’s revisions for the Model S Long Range Plus include a lighter battery pack and electric motors, lighter seats and a range of improved manufacturing tweaks carried over from the Model 3 and Model Y.

There’s also a new regenerative braking system which now engages at lower speeds, along with a fresh set of aerodynamically-efficient alloy wheels, which the company says provide a two per cent improvement to the car’s range alone.

Mechanical revisions include a new transmission for the car’s front electric motor, which Tesla says provides a further two per cent improvement in range when cruising. The old car’s mechanical oil pump has been replaced by an electric unit, too.

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