Victoria to launch Digital Driver’s License in Ballarat


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Victoria will trial digital licenses this year in Ballarat before a state-wide introduction in 2024.

The Victorian government has announced that it will be testing a digital driver’s license in Ballarat starting in July. The digital license will be available for both iOS and Android devices and will be tested over a six-month period before a state-wide rollout in 2024.

The digital license will be encrypted, ensuring that it is secure and protected from fraud and hacking attempts. The digital license will be an alternative to the physical license, but both will be valid forms of identification.

A time-sensitive QR code will be on the digital licence for verification purposes, while details such as license suspension will be instantly applied although it can still be used for identification.

“This is world-class technology – the digital driver licence has a constantly refreshed unique QR code and the customer has control over the level of personal information shared,” said Minister for Government Services, Danny Pearson.

“We know Victorians are calling out for more cards to be added to the Service Victoria wallet and that is why we are thrilled that the digital driver licence will soon be added.”

Users will be able to display their digital license on their phones for police officers, businesses, and other purposes. The digital license will also be more environmentally friendly, as it will reduce the need for physical licenses and reduce waste.

The digital license will be accepted by police officers, traffic authorities, and other relevant authorities in the same way as a physical license. For now, the trial in Ballarat will be for full license holders while L and P plate license holders can retain their physical card.

“We know Victorians want digital driver licences and that’s why this trial is such a big step before further rollout occurs,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Melissa Horne.

“A digital driver licence will make it easier and more convenient for Victorian motorists and it will help businesses and authorities to verify identity with minimum time and fuss.”

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