Volkswagen ID.3 GTX revealed


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Volkswagen has finally empowered its ID.3 electric car with significant force, now directed solely to the rear wheels.

While we’ve seen the GTX emblem adorn Volkswagen’s larger electric vehicles, its placement on the Golf-sized ID.3 signifies a profound shift. Previously, the compact hatchback boasted fairly standard performance capabilities, but the GTX heralds a new era with figures that rival full-fledged hot hatchbacks.

The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX introduces a fresh rear-mounted motor exclusively powering the rear wheels. The flagship GTX Performance model boasts an output of 239kW, while VW also offers a slightly less potent base GTX with 213kW. Apart from power variances, there are no other technical disparities between the Performance and standard models.

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Compared to its predecessors, the ID.3 GTX Performance showcases a significant power boost of 90kW. Notably, torque sees an even more dramatic surge, rated at 565Nm – 255Nm more than any previous ID.3 variant.

In the GTX Performance model, the considerably more potent motor is powered by a new 79kWh battery pack, slightly larger than the previous 77kWh version. This unlocks a bit more range, up to 598 kilometres, and propels the GTX Performance to 100km/h in 5.6 seconds, matching the Golf GTI Clubsport, with an increased top speed of 200km/h.

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In 2024, amidst the era of 400kW Volvo EX30s and 440kW MG4s, the ID.3 GTX might not seem competitive in terms of raw power. However, Volkswagen’s focus on delivering an engaging driving experience sets the GTX apart from its more potent rivals.

In addition to revised suspension and adaptive dampers, the ID.3 GTX features a revised steering tune and wider 20-inch wheels and tires. While lacking bespoke traction and stability control settings for rear-wheel drive dynamics, the GTX aims to deliver a driving experience akin to petrol GTIs.

Externally, subtle styling updates include a bespoke front bumper, new color and trim options, and a revised rear bumper garnish. Inside, the GTX boasts bucket seats similar to those in the Golf GTI Clubsport, adorned in unique black Dynamica fabric with red piping. The cabin also features red and black accents on the dash and door cards.

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