Volkswagen Tiguan X: coupe SUV leaked in Chinese patents

Coupe version of VW’s popular Tiguan will be launched in China but could be sold globally later

The Volkswagen Tiguan X Tiguan X has been leaked on social media ahead of its unveiling in China later this year.

Pictures of the coupé version of Volkswagen’s Tiguan SUV have surfaced online, revealing a more slanted roof, overhauled rear body design and remodelled, Lamborghini-esque tail-lights, compared with the standard car.

It follows on from the launch of the Chinese-market Tayron X as a rebodied version of the regular Tayron. The Tiguan X will also be exclusive to China initially, although it could be sold globally later.

Like the Tayron X, the Tiguan X will be produced by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture, which has been a key part of VW’s strategy for cracking Eastern markets. VW’s various partnerships, including with SAIC, sold 3.2 million vehicles in China in 2017, equating to a market share of more than 13%.

At the front, little is changed and much of the car’s side outlines are also similar to the original Tiguan’s. Instead, Volkswagen’s creative energy has been directed at the car’s rear, where new brake lights and a widened bumper with fake exhaust pipes have also been added.

However, the chief addition to the Tiguan X is a sloping, coupé-like roofline, similar to that recently spotted on the upcoming Audi Q5 Sportback, as well as VW’s own Tayron X. This means the regular Tiguan’s seven-seat configuration is unlikely to be offered and there may also be reduced rear-seat space.

Although no powertrain details have been officially revealed, an alleged document leak suggests that the Tiguan X will be launched with a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine available in 138kW and 164kW versions.

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