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Volvo C40 2021 6Volvo has introduced its second electric vehicle (EV): the C40 Recharge, a coupé reworking of the new XC40 Recharge P8 SUV.

Due to go into production this autumn with first deliveries before 2022, the C40 has been launched in line with Volvo’s ambition for half of its global sales to be full EVs by 2025 and to be an EV-only firm by 2030.

Built on the Swedish company’s CMA platform, the C40 is based on the electric version of the XC40, gaining a sloping roofline and a new rear light design. The front features a progression of the XC40 P8’s closed-off grille, which is “a new face for electric Volvos”.

Volvo C40 9At 4431mm long and 2035mm wide, the C40 has the same exterior dimensions as the XC40, except it’s 690mm shorter, at 1582mm, due to the coupé roof. The sloping rear marginally reduces rear passenger head room by 62mm, although boot capacity is scarcely impacted, at 413 litres.

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The C40 uses the same powertrain as its XC40 P8 and Polestar 2 relations, with a 150kW electric motor mounted on each axle for combined outputs of 300kW and 660Nm at 4350rpm. This results in a claimed 0-100km/h time of 4.9sec. And, as with all Volvo models now, its top speed is limited to 180km/h.

A 78kWh lithium ion battery offers an estimated range of 420 kilometres. It can be charged at up to 11kW by an AC charger and up to 150kW by a DC charger, the latter allowing an 80% charge from empty in around 40 minutes. Volvo says that this should improve over the car’s lifetime through planned over-the-air software updates.

93 volvo c40 recharge 2021 official images static noseThe C40 sits on MacPherson strut-suspension up front and a multi-link set-up at the rear.

The new SUV will be offered with a range of unique interior trim colours and lines and will be Volvo’s first completely leather-free model. It also features Volvo’s new Android-based touchscreen infotainment system, which was jointly developed with Google, and will be offered with unlimited data usage to enable over-the-air updates.

As well as offering the C40 with only a fully electric powertrain, Volvo says that it has “dramatically reduced” the number of variants in the range. However, like the XC40 P8, it will likely be offered with a number of different power outputs and battery capacities.

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