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Volvo has launched a new scheme that will give its EV drivers preferential pricing at Ionity charging stations

Owners of pure-electric Volvos will soon gain access to cheaper public charging rates from Ionity charging stations, as part of a collaboration with charing point locator app Plugsurfing.

Unfortunately for Australian buyers of the new Volvo XC40 Ionity does not yet have a local charging network, however, its 350v rapid chargers are supplied by Aussie company Tritium. Hopefully Volvo Australia can ink its own deal down under.

Volvo EV drivers in Europe and the UK who sign up for the scheme will only pay less than half the going rate at Ionity chargers. The discount will go live on 1 July and will be automatically applied to all new electric Volvos bought after that date.

Volvo customers in Europe can sign up for the scheme by downloading the application, although both new and existing drivers will only be able to take advantage of the discount for 12 months after they sign up.

Oliver Loedel, Head of Volvo’s Electrification Ecosystem arm, said: “We are excited to offer our customers one of the most competitive prices for charging at Ionity, one of Europe’s largest public fast-charging networks.

“This collaboration is a first step in our global ambition to help our customers of Recharge cars travel quickly at a much lower charging cost, wherever they are.”

To further streamline the charging process, Volvo will also soon launch an updated version of its smartphone application including a new payment function, a remote charging scheduler and a charge station locator.

Luke Wilkinson

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