Zagato AGTZ Twin Tail revealed


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Zagato’s latest creation is based on an Alpine A110 and costs one million dollars.

Renowned car design and coachbuilding firm Zagato has unveiled its latest creation, the AGTZ Twin Tail, paying homage to the 1960s Alpine A220. Utilizing the Alpine A110 as its base, the AGTZ Twin Tail undergoes a comprehensive restyle, with Zagato referring to the A220 as a “forgotten Le Mans icon.” Originally powered by a V8, the A220 competed at Le Mans in 1968 but faced limited success. Later, it was transformed into a rally car in the 1970s, experiencing greater triumphs, though not surpassing the success of the 1973 World Rally Championship-winning A110.

Derived from the current Alpine A110, the AGTZ Twin Tail features an elongated rear section made from carbon fibre, extending it by 622mm compared to the standard model. This added section is detachable, aligning with the Twin Tail’s tagline, “One car. Two Souls.”

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The AGTZ Twin Tail goes beyond mere carbon additions, boasting bespoke body panels with redesigned front wings, bumpers, headlights, and a lower repositioned side air intake in homage to the original car. Even the wing mirrors and wheels, reminiscent of the A110 R Alonso Edition, receive a unique touch. The distinctive Zagato double-bubble roofline is also present.

While there is no information on powertrain modifications, it’s anticipated to feature at least the more potent version of the A110’s 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine, generating 296bhp. The impact of the new bodywork on the car’s top speed, currently at 177mph in A110 R form, remains unknown.

The Zagato AGTZ Twin Tail comes with a price tag starting from €650,000 before taxes, approximately $1 million.

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