Zeekr confirms globalisation strategy


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Geely’s premium brand Zeekr will begin sales in selected European markets with an extended range of EVs; right-hand drive production is not yet confirmed.

Zeekr is set to enter selected European markets in 2023 as part of a globalisation strategy for the Geely-owned electric vehicle company, its CEO has confirmed.

In an address to journalists at the launch of the new Zeekr 009 MPV in China, An Conghui said Zeekr was planning to make official its plans to begin sales in Europe at the end of November.

The move coincided with Zeekr posting record results in China, where it recorded 10,109 sales of its initial model, the 001 liftback, in October.

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An, who is also president of Geely Holding and chairman of Geely Auto, confirmed Zeekr will add two new models to its line-up next year in preparation for its push into global markets.

Included is a new four-door sedan and mid-size SUV, both of which are being engineered to fulfil European safety regulations, according to sources at Geely’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

They will be followed by another two, as yet unspecified, new Zeekr models in 2024.

At this stage, it is not known which European markets Zeekr is planning to enter or whether it intends to manufacture right-hand-drive versions of its models.

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Zeekr’s plan to enter the European market and extend its line-up to at least six models within the next two years comes as parent company Geely seeks to spin off and list its electric vehicle sub-brand as an independent company.

A proposal lodged by Geely Holding on 31 October to list Zeekr on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been accepted. However, details of the timing have not yet been confirmed.

Launched in 2021, Zeekr is positioned as a premium brand in China. It is one of several marques controlled by Geely Holding and Geely Auto, including Volvo, Lotus, Lynk&Co, Proton and Geometry. Geely also controls 50% of Smart and is a minor shareholder in Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz, among other car makers.

An said Zeekr is on track to reach 70,000 sales this year. He also reiterated an earlier target of selling up to 650,000 vehicles per year by 2025.

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