Zero launches electric adventure bike


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Latest Zero e-motorbike blends motorway commuting with off-road capabilities.

American electric motorbike manufacturer Zero has revealed its new DSR/X adventure motorbike, which headlines the firm’s model line-up for 2023.

Zero offers a range of electric motorbikes from the entry-level FXE urban commuter to the SR/S performance bike.

Zero’s new DSR/X adventure (ADV) e-motorbike blends urban and motorway commuting with off-road capabilities.

The DSR/X features the brand’s new Z-Force motor which produces 225Nm of torque and a new Z-Force 17.3 kWh power pack.

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The firm says that its new adventure bike will have a city range of up to 290km, and a combined range of 215km.

The new model also features a completely redesigned frame to allow for increased ground clearance, almost 200mm of adjustable front suspension and three integrated storage compartments.

“Zero Motorcycles’ very first product was an off-road motorcycle,” said Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycles CEO.

“By combining cutting-edge powersports EV technology with the heart of traditional motorcycle craftsmanship, the DSR/X builds on that legacy by transforming the ADV riding experience.”

Zero has equipped the DSR/X with its Cypher III+ operating systems, allowing the motorbike to benefit from the full suite of Bosch Motorcycle Stability Controls with off-road capabilities.

Zero says that thanks to the Cypher III+ technology, the DSR/R will gain traction and stability on any surface.

The Bosch off-road system features improved brake modulation and Vehicle Hold, which should help the DSR/X on steeper slopes.

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Using a domestic plug socket, the DSR/X will replenish its battery in around ten hours, while a level 2 standard charger will boost the e-motorbike battery in just two hours.

Customers can opt to trade a port of the on-board storage compartments for a Power Tank which increases the battery capacity to almost 21 kWh. There is also an option to add a 6kW rapid charger which drops the charging time to just one hour.

The California-based outfit will also offer a number of adventure minded optional extras including saddle bags, skid plate, windscreens, covers and panniers.

Riders can also access the Zero Motorcycles mobile app which will allow owners to control a number of characteristics of the DSR/X including the battery regeneration functions.The DSR/X will be available in two colours – sage green and whiteb pearl .

Along side the new adventure bike, Zero has announced new versions of its SR/S, SR/F and SR models would launch next year. Electric stopped exporting bikes to Australia in 2015 but the expanding charging network here may see the company return.

“Our owners and advocates have been asking for a full-sized ADV bike from Zero for years,” said Abe Azkenazi, Zero Motorcycles CTO. “We invested over 100,000 engineering hours into designing a motorcycle that lived up to our customers’ expectations and Zero’s mission to redefine the riding experience.”

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